What are fda white papers please

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The specific requirements and instructions for preparing and submitting white papers are included in each BAA. You should receive feedback from an AMCG Contracting Officer on your white paper within the 90 day window following the submission deadline. Can submission deadlines occur on weekends or government holidays. Submission deadlines are typically during the standard work papes, Monday through Friday. However, if the deadline for submission falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or government holiday, the white paper will be due on the next business day.

The deadline dates provide time frames for white paper review and the decision letter response. Upon white paper submission, decision letters can be expected to be provided within 90 days after the next cutoff date. Does the deadline apply to both white papers and full proposals. That is, if an investigator were to submit a white paper by the cutoff date, would the investigator still have the opportunity to be invited for a full proposal.

However it also allows for companies to skip the white paper process and submit a full proposal. For the Broad Agency Announcements for Advanced Research and Development of Medical Countermeasures for Pandemic Influenza and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Threatsyour first submission white paper or possibly full pleade must be received by the next interim deadline click here closing date of the BAA please note: If you choose to submit a white paper, the review process is completed an then a letter is sent that either informs you that the submission is not invited for a full proposal or that invites a full proposal and provides plesae on that ppaers forward.

This letter is provided within 90 days of the interim deadline. They can review and determine if the concept is within their whote space before a company invests the expense of creating a full proposal. White papers are a lower barrier to submission for offerors and pspers BARDA staff with an opportunity to rapidly provide feedback on the relevance are fda technical merit of a potential project.

The BAAs are now open for 2 years subject to any amendments. Please monitor FedBizOpps for any updates. What is a regulatory plan. Please review the BARDA Industry Day presentations for insight into the continue reading approval requirements and developing a regulatory strategy. I understand that funding for the last round of responses is sometimes dependent on the availability of funds.

Can you verify that funding is available for the last round. Can information be provided describing the potential value of anticipated awards. We think our two projects are related, and in fact both therapeutics and diagnostic devices can be implemented in the same ar. Do we need to create two separate submissions.

What are army white papers please

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Despite their high positions in the government, for years they had suffered constant humiliation at the hands of provost marshals, military guards and passport clerks who forced them to comply with the regulations of a unique, and frustrating, feature of the Confederacy: Now they were demanding to know who had established this system in the first place, and under what authority.

The answer revealed much about the nature of the Confederacy, a paradox that was, at the same time, a weak political entity and an oppressive slavocracy. The domestic-passport system took hold during the first months of the conflict, after the Confederate Army encamped in Northern Virginia, close to the front lines. Civilians who lived in Richmond and wanted to visit their relatives in uniform voluntarily applied to the War Here for some documentation they could present to pickets and guards along the way. Other Richmondites asked for passports when setting out on long trips to areas of the Confederacy where their status as strangers might expose them to suspicion or harassment.

Because of the heavy demand, a passport office was established, and a special clerk was assigned for the task. While no written orders were issued, a mechanism for dispensing internal passports had effectively been formed. After the declaration of martial law in Richmond, on March 1,carrying a passport became mandatory for anyone wishing pleaes travel out of town.

Until whitte end of the war, the passport office issued a daily average of 1, documents to soldiers, civilians and slaves. Passport clerks were stationed in the War Department as well as on each of the main roads leading arf of the city. The offices were open day and night, sometimes past 1 a. In New Orleans, a system of registry and passports was established in March following the declaration of martial law in preparation for a federal invasion.

Soon all over the Confederacy, provost guards were stationed on bridges, at entry points of cities, in railroad stations and on railroad cars. Fremantle, a British officer traveling through the South inwas denied passage in Virginia since his passport was signed by the wrong official. The process of obtaining a passport regularly entailed questioning by a clerk or an officer, and applicants who feared they might not be approved arrived for the interview equipped with documentation to support their claims.

Southerners presented to the passport office in Richmond a wide range of different records, all of which were meant to establish their credibility in the eyes of the clerks vested with the power to authorize travel. Men visiting the capital regularly needed a local to vouch for their loyalty to the Confederacy, lest they be considered spies. Fathers wishing to visit their sons in the Army needed a piece of paper verifying that they were above military age, while those too young to serve provided applications signed by parents or guardians.

What are important elements of narrative writing

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There are several styles of essay: A narrative essay is a window on an experience and reaction or lesson learned. Despite its deceptive brevity, an effective narrative essay can be tricky to write. It's Personal and Universal Most narrative essays are written as stories and should contain all the basic elements of a story, including plot, setting, characters, conflict. The difference is that an essay exists to make a point, so the writer has to begin with that point in mind and keep it "what are important elements of narrative writing" and center as the story develops.

The experience described should have enlightened or changed the writer in some way, and that is what the essay must convey to the reader through the memorable and entertaining or emotional recounting of an event. The story is personal, so the essay may be written in first person, although that isn't a requirement. However, the message is universal, so the writer has to keep the reader in mind. Narrative essays are not written in second person point-of-view.

Stick to the Sequence Skipping around will obscure the message and confuse the reader of a short, instructive piece. Click story should be narrated as it happened, so the logic of the event mirrors the logic of the writer's conclusion. This presents an unambiguous takeaway for the reader, who isn't distracted by deliberately clever or experimental writing, the need to deal with flashbacks or multiple points of view. Style takes a back seat to story, even as the importance of evocative description and precise vocabulary is paramount.

Creating Conflict A narrative essay is more than a recollection. It has a point, delivered economically, and needs a clear and dramatic moment to reveal that point. Just as a great short story builds toward a climax with please click for source crucial at stake, the essay relies on a disagreement, dispute or controversy to supply tension. Conflict may arise from a clash between characters, a collision between past and future, the necessity for a painful decision that exposes the insight or lesson learned. It comes near the end of the essay, setting up the conclusion that wraps the story and illuminates the theme.

The narrative essay functions a bit like a movie as it brings the event to the reader, allowing full immersion in the emotions and sensory details while delivering a lasting impression that may spark future reflection. Key elements for pulling that off are vivid sensory description and concrete details. The successful essayist will revisit the inciting experience; relive the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, textures, fears and joys of it; and choose only those moments and facts that will grab and hold attention, leading to the final insight.

The art is to use just enough rich description and expressive vocabulary and not a syllable more..

What are white papers government shutdown

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Opinion The Conversation Why a government shutdown is possible this week, explained U. President Donald Trump indicated an openness to delaying his push to secure funds for his promised border wall with Mexico, potentially eliminating a sticking point as lawmakers worked to avoid a looming shutdown of the federal government. The deadline to pass a spending bill is midnight on Friday, meaning pressure will mount each day this week in Washington.

What would a government shutdown look like. In this photo taken Feb. That list includes many federal agencies outside of military and defense-related services. USA Today predicts that would be about 40 percent of non-defense employees. That would mean federal employees stay home from work, and one of the most visible services to be dropped immediately would be national parks, meaning sites with campgrounds, visitor centers, hotels and park roads would officially be closed and, if a previous government shutdown in is any indication, more than 20, national parks staff would be furloughed.

Bye bye, mule trips in the Grand Canyon. See you later, Statue of Liberty. While Social Security checks would still be mailed and the mail would still be delivered, other services would likely be slowed or delayed. Those might include gun permits, travel passports and even home loans. What happened in the last government shutdown. It was the first time a shutdown had happened in nearly two decades. Aboutfederal employees were furloughed and one million continued working without pay.

Scott Applewhite For this web page, Trump is pressuring members of Congress to put their money where his what are white papers government shutdown is, especially when it comes to his promises to set to work constructing an improved southern border wall and pay for more immigration agents. How likely is this to occur. One available option is to pass a short-term spending bill that could keep the government running for a week or some other short time period.

What are industry white papers please

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Please click on a title below to view the whitepaper. Machining Titanium for the Aerospace Industry Machining advancements for titanium have made the once exotic and rarely-used metal one of the most sought after and fastest growing materials to hit the market. Suppliers need the right machines combined with the proper tools and know-how. This whitepaper from Toyoda Machinery tells what you should expect from your machines to manufacture products from heat-resistant super alloys such as titanium cost-effectively and quickly.

Forging as a Viable Alternative to 3D Printing of Non-Ferrous Metal Parts 3D printing technologies are being developed to build metal objects, generally by laser-sintering powdered metal feedstock. The hope of the universities and corporations pursuing the technology is that the ability to print metal parts will bring about a revolution in industrial production by supplanting traditional metalworking methods like forging. This paper from Weldaloy explores the question: Which would be the better choice for making parts for use in the aerospace, medical, and other industries.

Rolled Ring Forging Process Delivers a Better Product in Less Time With the right material selection, proven forging processes, and proper tools, Weldaloy has all the ingredients to manufacture seamless rolled rings in less time, with less material wastage, and with a more uniform grain that ensures the strength and reliability of your product.

The goal of this technical paper is to help you determine which forging process is right for you in meeting your seamless rolled ring needs. By highlighting the performance and portability of the aerospace-approved, trademarked SIFCO Process, this white paper makes the case for wider use of selective plating for repair and OEM applications. Case studies demonstrate its mechanical properties, viability as an alternative to cadmium, deployment in the field, and how the process can be automated.

Click here to download the technical paper. Successful leaders and their organizations understand the key information components that yield improved profit through real time information availability and the rapid decisions conceived from this information. In many cases automated information collection and rapid access to it is the core reason these organizations dominate their field today and will continue to do so in the future. Trends in Multisensor Measurement Tactile and optical measurement techniques each have their strengths, and there are certainly measurement tasks that require only one of the two.

In systems designed for automated precision measurement, users are typically balancing accuracy of measurement, speed of operation, and cost to purchase and operate. The need for tradeoffs and sometimes-difficult choices will always be with us, but the introduction of multisensory measurement throughout the last several decades, along with subsequent improvement in its capabilities, offers opportunities for improvement in all three areas.

What are good photo essay topics

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Photo projects offer a great way to try something new and can help you get out of a rut. This is where photo essays can come in. If you are looking for someone to prepare a custom written paper for you, contact AdvancedWriters. A photographic essay is a set or series of photographs that are intended to tell a story or evoke a series of emotions in the viewer. It allows the photographer to tell more than what is possible with a single image. Essays can range from purely photographic no text to photographs with captions, small texts or full text essays accompanying them.

Photo essays are typically either thematic addressing a specific topic or issue or narrative tells a story, usually in chronological sequence. Following are ten photo essays ideas to consider… Photo Essay 1: Document a Local Event. The town I live in has an annual bicycle classic. To turn this into a photo essay, one could arrive early to catch the cyclists and sponsors as they are preparing, then photograph the cyclists riding throughout the day, and finish with some shots of tents coming down and everyone heading home.

Find an exhibition going on at a nearby gallery or museum. Not only photograph the pieces themselves but also those in attendance—how they are interacting with the pieces and among themselves. If you can, attend the reception so you can also capture the artist or artists whose work is on display or the curators of the exhibit.

For this photo essay, find a subject ate is undergoing a short-term transformation. This could include topifs group of men growing mustaches to celebrate Movember or a stray dog brought in to a shelter that is groomed and adopted. This sort of essay should take no longer than a month or so to tell its story. Think pregnancy, from the baby bump through to birth and maybe even the first birthday, or following a returning soldier and their transformation back to civilian life. This project should last months and could be worked around other projects being completed at the same time.

A Day in the Life. For this essay, find someone such as a doctor, lawyer, firefighter, or police officer willing to let you follow him or her for a day, both behind the scenes and during their job. If there are times when photos cannot be taken, then you can use the text option for a photo essay and supplement your photos with some captions or short written passages. Find a local charity and document their daily operations, their dhat, and who or what they are helping.

Give a visual sense of what they are trying to accomplish and why it is important. Turn a Day Out into Reportage.

What are white papers for finance

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Advanced Banking Reference Continue reading Learn about the 5 pillars of Axxiome's advanced banking reference model ABRM and how they can help banks streamline and simplify SAP-enabled banking transformations. Major change initiatives in the banking industry often face the challenge of finding the right team to work. Technology experts from both the financial institution as well as their providers need to know complex banking processes in a very short time. Learn about how the Advanced Banking Academy is designed to overcome this common pitfall. Financial institutions are facing challenges including evolving customer preferences, changing industry regulations, and more.

A long-term, holistic tool can help attack these challenges without causing disruption. In this product snapshot, learn about Axxiome Digital, an omni-channel platform for financial institutions. Banks serving commercial customers in the digital age are challenged to manage relationships that are complex and diverse. A tool can ahite deliver insights and mediate commercial cash management issues. Learn about Axxiome Cash Management Cockpit, and how it can help you support your customer relationships.

Uncover 3 ways visual collaboration can help your organization communicate more efficiently, become more mobile-friendly, build memorable customer experiences, and more. The need for greater security controls from IT without compromising business agility makes it essential for financial services organizations to move beyond traditional desktop management to centralized virtual app delivery. Read this white paper to discover how virtualization can enable faster and more secure access to apps and data.

Download this white paper to discover how financial services organizations can optimize and secure the delivery of apps and desktops over any network connection, to any device, to support branch office workers and customer service. Download this white paper to discover how to embrace a digital strategy that embeds digital innovations into the existing customer experience, brings customers and employees together on the same platform, and enables desired sales in cross-selling and upselling.

Discover the top factors that drive financial services IT leaders to embark on mobility, despite security concerns. Download fog white paper to discover an affordable way to enable mobility and agility while maintaining control and security with desktop virtualization. Download this white paper to find out how one company provides a complete digital workspace that delivers secure access to apps, data and services from any device via any network while centralizing apps and data for simplified IT management.

What are the best rolling papers

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By Anthony Franciosi Rolling Papers: From procuring the weedto buying the best rolling papers for your needs, to mastering your rolling style and inhaling deeply from the first drag of your freshly made J— each step is integral to the creative process. The modern marijuana smoker is spoiled when it comes to spliff creation.

Not only are there now a variety of cannabis strains on the market, there is also a multitude of rolling papers and an abundance of accessories to select from. Choosing what rolling paper to buy will either bake or break your next 4: The exact history of rolling papers is clouded in the smoke of time, but many legends point to Spain as their country of origin. Christopher Columbus returned from his first voyage to the Americas with tales to tell and tobacco to smoke.

Tobacco cigars caught on quickly with the Spanish aristocracy. The peasants, not wanting to miss out, would wrap the dregs of these cigar butts in newspaper and attempt to smoke the very last tendrils of tobacco. Newspaper was of course hard on the health, and so rolling papers were invented in the paper making capital, Alcoy. These small, thin leaves of paper became popular in North America and Europe during a time when cigarette taxation flared up. Understandably unhappy cigarette smokers began buying rolling papers so they could avoid the taxes while still savoring their tobacco fix.

These wispy papers can be made from materials like hemp, rice straw, flax or wood pulp. They are usually between 70mm — mm long and come in a variety of widths depending on your specific spliff needs. Often longer spliffs are made from a slightly thicker rice-based material. The size, length, thickness and type of glue used on the paper you choose will all have an effect on how well your blunt burns.

Papers can also come as bleached or unbleached. During production chemicals may be added to make the paper lighter, stronger or to burn longer.