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During two years she was the Technical Manager. Since she works full time for the Complutense University. Her research areas are related to Industrial Processes and Environmental Sciences. She has published 98 research see more in JCR journals, papers in conferences 60 invitedshe has collaborated in 11 books, 4 patents and in the organisation of 15 international conferences.

She has participated in 17 European projects 14 as responsible and in 49 industrial projects. Thomas Braunbeck Department of Zoology, University of Heidelberg, Germany Thomas Braunbeck is an expert in aquatic toxicology working with endocrine disruptors, cytopathology, histopathology of fish, genotoxicity assessment, neurotoxicity, embryo toxicity and biomarkers. He has 30 years of experience in the area and has published more than international articles and books in this area. Over the years, he has reviewed manuscripts for over 60 journals and has served as reviewer list of journals to publish paper santa numerous national and international grant organizations, e.

He has co- acquired more than 5 Mio CHF of soft money projects from national and international funding sources. He investigates the occurrence, fate and behaviour of organic chemicals in the agro-environment. His current research focus is on natural toxins, PAHs, carbonaceous nanoparticles, and related sorption and bioavailability studies.

Sincehe is a guest lecturer at ETH. He attained his Ph. D in at Northwest University of China and his research interests are in the field of in Environment Biology. He has published 20 papers as first author in international journals such as Nature, Nature Geosciences, Scientific Reports, Environmental science list of journals to publish paper santa technology, Ecotoxicology, Environment science and Pollution research, Planta, Plant Science, etc.

He is a permanent member of the Chemical Engineering post-graduation program. He has a B. His research is focused on the following areas: In these research areas, has more than 65 published articles and is reviewer of more than 80 international journals. He is leading a research team of 30 people including people with permanent position professors visit web page assistant professors, technicianspost-docs and PhD students.

His group publishes an average of 20 publications in peer-reviewed journals per year. His research focuses go here microbial ecology and diversity, with an emphasis on extreme, polluted or estuarine ecosystems.

He published more than scientific publications 62 in peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings5 book chapters and authored and co-authored more than scientific reports. Kroenke 62 identified a mean limit of words among medical book reviews and found that tangential information and reviewer opinions on the subject of the book increased the length of reviews. Am J Phys Med Rehabil. On occasion, the major revisions conducted at the request of a reviewer will necessitate another list of journals to publish paper santa of editing. The book review business.

He employs a wide-range of techniques from geochemistry to metatranscriptomics to address fundamental and practical issues. Relevant recent discoveries include the characterisation of the taxonomic and functional microbial-diversity in extreme and contaminated ecosystems: A biogeochemist and chemical oceanographer, her work focuses on the processes regulating the transport and bioavailability of metals in aquatic ecosystems.

In particular, publisb is interested in the characterization of aquatic dissolved organic matter in terrestrial and marine waters as well as the impacts of biogeochemical transformation of DOM on metal speciation and toxicity. She carried out the experimental part of M. Her main research interest is environmental organic chemistry and she has dedicated more info last decade to the cycling and fate of new emerging contaminants during water treatment and in the environment.

His research career focused journalz the study of environmental change flow, extreme events and temperature and its impacts on river — floodplain systems in temperate and tropical systems.

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you're not a robot. Rev Lat Am Enfermagem. Book reviews in medical journals. First, it important to address the revisions diligently; second, is imperative to address all the comments received from the reviewers and avoid oversights; third, the resubmission of the revised manuscript must happen by the deadline provided by the og fourth, the revision process might comprise multiple rounds.

The research also includes effects of restoration and management measures on different ecosystem properties at different temporal and spatial scales. Main topics of research are organic carbon and nutrient cycling, the role of aquatic vegetation algae and macrophytesmicrobial processes and list of journals to publish paper santa metabolism as well as selected topics in biodiversity.

A major part of the studies have been performed in the Danube River basin along the main river and tributaries linking different scales starting from the microplot to the ecosystem scale.

List of journals to publish paper santa

Intense field observation is coupled with laboratory as well large scale experimental studies and modeling work to analyze underlying mechanisms of ecosystem responses and provide publisu tools for scenario analysis. The fundamental knowledge gained is transferred to stakeholders and authorities to provide strategies and support for the implementation of restoration measures.

Medical journals' conflicts of interest in the publication of book reviews. A major part of the studies have been performed in the Danube River basin along the main river and tributaries linking different scales starting from the microplot to the ecosystem scale. Being aware of these shortcomings will increase your chances of having your manuscript published and also boost your research profile and career progression. However, due to the expectations of these same stakeholders, list of journals to publish paper santa is a challenging literary form to master. As we write up our findings, we aim to provide theoretical insight, and share theoretical and practical implications about our journaos.

He published more than scientific publications 62 in peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings5 book chapters and authored and co-authored more than scientific reports. Below you can find a selection of 5 publications relevant for his scientific career.

The impact factor of the journal in the year of publication is mentioned. His primary interests cover the impacts of developmental and reproductive toxicants in fish and invertebrates and the rational utilisation of data for supporting cost-effective environmental risk assessment. Currently, his work focuses mainly on the development source new methods and strategies for the interdisciplinary scientific linkage between trace analytical organochemical technology and bioeffect methods for elucidation of ecotoxicological potential of organochemical xenobiotics.

His recent research interest focuses mainly around three major research topics: His teaching encompasses atmospheric and environmental this web page and global environmental change. Sinceshe is a senior researcher and teaching assistant at the department F.

She is specialized in the study of metal interactions with microorganisms and her interest spans from metal speciation in natural waters in relation to their bioavailability to their intracellular speciation and their effects at the subcellular to the community levels. His research interests include Supramolecular Chemistry, in particular pseudopeptides as biocompatible building blocks for recognition, sensing and self-assembly, and sustainable chemistry, in particular involving different aspects of catalysis, biocatalysis and flow chemistry and the work with neoteric solvents like ionic liquids and supercritical fluids.

Postdoc positions at the University of Parma concerned abiotic stress response in plants heat shock, drought. After obtaining a permanent position at the University of Parma in the group led by Prof Nelson Marmiroli, the research activities shifted towards environmental pollution and phytotechnologies, food safety and authenticity, capacity building. Prof Elena Maestri has co-authored over 80 peer-reviewed publications and delivered over 80 presentations at conferences and congresses. Her current h-index is 21 with over citations Scopus, He has been employed in Nanjing University since In he was promoted to be the full professor of Department of Environmental Engineering, NJUand currently he serves as the department chair professor.

His work focused on environmental material-based water and wastewater treatment. In particular, he is interested in development of highly efficient nanocomposites and nanoporous materials for treatment and reuse of contaminated water. He has published nearly peer-reviewed papers and authorized 40 patents in the related fields.

He has published several scientific articles in leading peer reviewed journals has contributed to several book chapters, has presented in more than forty international conferences and has delivered over forty international invited talks. He is the lead inventor in two granted US patents awarded in and and one UK patent awarded in He is the national delegate and technical expert for ISO standardization committee and European standardization CEN committee on photocatalytic materials.

She has investigated the mechanism of action of legacy and emerging contaminants at the molecular article source subcellular levels by looking at the interference with the synthesis and metabolism of active steroids, both in fish and invertebrates.

She is also involved in the development and application of in-vitro techniques to assess the toxicity and mode of action of contaminants and environmental samples in fish and human JEG-3 cell lines. She has a long-held interest in the environmental applications of microorganisms and go here to many microbiological and environmental organisations, such as the British Mycological Society, American Go here for Microbiology, International Society for Microbial Ecology and Institution of Environmental Sciences.

Diane has over 60 publications in peer-reviewed journals, conference papers and book chapters. She also serves as reviewer of Day brown paper plates pink polka dots your journals, including: Diane is committed to promoting sustainability through her research and teaching. D in at the Chinese Academy of Science. He had been guest editor for four peer-review journal special issues, editor of three books and author of international peer-review journal papers.

His scientific activity has been dedicated to mass spectrometry and its applications in several fields: In particular, the development of original methods for the characterization of radical species gave him the opportunity to develop collaborations in Japan where he stayed for one year in with a fellowship from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science National Institute for Environmental Studies, Tsukuba.

Beside fundamental chemistry studies, he has always motivated a deep interest for the applications of mass spectrometry to the domain of Cultural Heritage. His research now addresses on topics related to conservation science. With a particular focus on cellulosic materials, his current research work concerns the characterization of markers of origin in traditional Asian papers, and the understanding of deterioration mechanisms and contamination mechanisms in ancient papers.

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All of these studies use modern mass spectrometry methods. She has more than peer-reviewed publications and has reviewed manuscripts for over 20 journals. She is member of the advisory boards of Greek Environmental Agencies for air pollution. He worked then for five years at the Institute for Lake Research at Lake Constance on sedimentological and geochemical topics, before he moved to the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries in Berlin in During the last ten years, he was teaching at the Universities of Potsdam, Oldenburg and Osnabrueck.

KG in Oldenburg and teaching at the University of Osnabrueck. His main research interests are environmental modelling, applied statistics, biogeochemistry, hydrology and marine litter. He has more than 20 years of research experience in water and sediment quality assessments. In addition he has a broad interest in the analytical and environmental chemistry of contaminants in aquatic environments, journals particular, the reactivity and processes controlling contaminant bioavailability in both surface waters and sediments. He is the author of some scientific research publications.

In he worked in the group of Prof.

List of journals to publish paper santa

Since his main research focus is environmental radioactivity after the Fukushima nuclear accident. She got her Ph.

She conducted postdoctoral research during at Osaka University, Japan. Her research interests are environmental chemistry of organic pollutants jiurnals remediation for polluted environment. She has coordinated over 25 research projects and participated in other 10 projects. She has authored over journal papers, among which over 60 were published in international journals, and these papers have been cited times by SCI papers. Besides, she is the coauthor of 10 monographs and text books in Chinese.

She was elected as National Demonstrating Teacher in He has a Master in Chemistry and attained his Ph. His main research interests are the biogeochemistry of trace elements in the environment and the use of X-ray analytical techniques to study agricultural and environmental samples. His research interest includes environmental monitoring of biodegradation and biotechnology using microbial biosystems.

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He is mainly involved in the development of biosensors for chemical pollutants detection and pathogenic bacteria. Director of the Group of Blue Biotechnology and Ecotoxicology List of journals to publish paper santa labstudying natural toxins and other bioactive substances and their effects in the environmental and human health. The major research lines include the ecological and economic impacts of Harmful Algal and Xanta Blooms in marine and freshwaters.

Studies involve the identification list of journals to publish paper santa species using molecular tools, identification of toxins and their impact at various levels of the trophic chain. Risk assessment of those toxins including bioavailability and emergent marine toxins in North Atlantic waters are also studied.

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Recently, a line on Biotechnological application of secondary metabolites isolated from microorganisms has been developed. Responsible for the LEGE culture collection, an on-growing collection comprising more than strains of cyanobacteria from marine and freshwater origin. Vilar was born in Miragaia, Porto, Portugal in April


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