How to start writing a novel characters


Return to Content How to start writing a novel if stuck: There are several reasons why you could feel too unprepared to begin: Uncertainty about the merits of your story idea, lack of research and other preparation, or simply being new to novel-writing as a process.

Simply getting words on the page is all you should aim at until you get past the initial terror of the blank page and click the following article yourself to play and this web page enjoy writing more.

So write them down. This is why journalling is an excellent practice for authors — both new authors and "writing" writers alike. Keeping a journal helps because: Make sure you have a story idea that motivates you to write Source: You story idea is the central premise that all the character motivations and plot events stem from.

The millionaire turns out to be not what he seems. Novel ideas often focus on characters and their interesting cuaracters in this way. Difference can be a source of conflict or mystery, both of which help to keep readers riveted.

Solving your own mystery or resolving your own conflict will be an enjoyable process of discovery. Find research sources that are relevant to your story.

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If your story is a murder mystery that takes place in the cobbled streets of an old Eastern European town, use Google Street View to take a virtual tour of similar streets for inspiration. If you need to know what people thought, wore and ate in a specific era in a specific region, history books and public archives can be helpful.

Government archives may be particularly useful for finding the research you need to start here a novel. The US national archives, for example, contain articles and records on the Civil War. Once you have gathered together necessary facts about places and people, write these down in summary form in a separate document under headings that can be searched quickly whenever you need to look something up while writing.

An alternative approach is to look up factual or historical details if your setting is not contemporary as you go, whenever the need arises. How to start writing a novel the structured way: Create a plot outline Although many people profess to be pantsers and loathe the outlining process, creating a plot outline gives you a roadmap for your story.

Once you have a central idea, start brainstorming scene locations and plot events.

How to start writing a novel characters

Outline a scene where his family discovers the transformation. Proceed this way from your central idea. Here free to take detours from your outline. Create individual character outlines Forming an idea of who the main actors of your novel will be before you even start is one way charactdrs create momentum.

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For each character you want to star in your novel, write a detailed backstory. It will purely help you see each of your characters as real and three-dimensional.

Drawing on the example of Blanche Dubois, her secret is that how to start writing a novel characters drink and illicit sexual liaisons, she has become so emotionally and physically dissipated she could not hold on to the family home. The Ten Steps of Design But before you start writing, you need to get organized. And they are like our closest friends, too — perhaps even closer, because we know everything about them and they hide nothing from us. We are our own best source for understanding secrets.

In your character outlines, include as much detail as possible, such as: Sometimes, you might have an amazing idea for the climax of a story, which you plan to work up to. So start with that instead.

How to start writing a novel characters

Find a starting point that makes you want to sit down to write each day. Even if you write your book in disjointed fragments now, you can reorder sections or write connecting passages between important scenes later. Take notes on how the writer makes dialogue interesting, and compare character and setting descriptions.

How does the writer start each chapter? If they started with an action, i. Copying other writers read article lasted a few minutes before I found myself mid-rampage, tearing through my story, able to tap into my own style.

If your schedule is full and you have limited free time, simply make your writing sessions shorter and compensate by making them more frequent. Forty-five minutes per day might sound like a lot if you are juggling work and children, for example, but three sessions of 15 minutes is much easier to squeeze into a busy day. At the start of each writing session, outline your objectives, and remember to create small rewards for yourself for reaching your targets.


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