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Additional case studies Gather Baseline Information: Document how much paper is used annually for all purposes i. Document all costs associated with paper use and document the environmentally-friendly qualities of current paper purchased. Set clear, measurable, incremental goals over a essaay timeline for each major type of paper use - include cost reduction goals. Setting a long-term visionary goal of zeroing paper use while maximizing benefits could result in some significant shifts in practices i.

The solutions now exist for a paperless office - it's just our mindsets that need to change. Educate all employees about goals and display them in a high traffic location using easy-to-understand, fun charts and graphs. Design logos and develop slogans for use in the campaign. Hold a kick-off event and encourage employees to share their ideas. Ask employees to "e-sign" a paper reduction pledge and, in general, encourage a "think before you print or copy" mentality. Follow and document the hotel trail for each type of use i.

The better each process is understood, the more likely improved, paper-free solutions can be found. Implement applicable solutions from the list below for each type of use. Educate all employees about new practices. Create an easy-to-access, online paperless practices reference document explaining all practices. Schedule regular meetings and report your progress to upper management on a quarterly basis. Update the publicly displayed charts as goals are met and recognize and reward departments and individuals frequently for their accomplishments.

Send out regular, entertaining announcements and reminders. Update the online paper reduction reference document as practices change.

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Make every mother and child count Working together for health International health security Protecting health from the adverse effects of climate change Save lives, Make hospitals safe in emergencies Good health adds life to years Healthy heart beat, Wold blood pressure Let's talk Themes of World Health Days[ edit ] Working together for health[ edit ] Nations identified with critical health worker shortages InWorld Health Day was devoted to the health workforce crisis, or chronic shortages of health workers around the world due to decades of underinvestment in their education, training, salaries, working environment and management.

The day was also meant to celebrate individual health workers — the people who provide health care to those who need it, wriying other words those at the heart of health systems. The report contained an assessment of the current crisis in the global health workforce, revealing an estimated shortage of almost 4.

Invest in health, build a safer future[ edit ] Key messages for World Health Day Threats to health know no borders. Invest in health, build a safer future. Health leads to security; insecurity leads to poor health. Preparedness and quick response improve international health security. The World Health Organization is making the world more secure.

Protecting health from the adverse effects of climate change[ edit ] InWorld Health Day focused on the need to protect health from the adverse effects of climate change and establish links between climate change wssay health and other development areas such as environment, food, energy, transport. The theme "protecting health from climate change" put health at the centre of the global dialogue about climate change. WHO selected this theme in recognition that climate change is posing ever growing threats to global public health security.

Make hospitals safe in emergencies[ edit ] Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut World Health Day focused on the safety of health facilities and the readiness of health workers who treat those affected by emergencies. Health centres and staff are critical lifelines for vulnerable people in disasters — treating injuriespreventing illnesses and caring for people's health needs. Often, already fragile health systems are unable to keep functioning through a disaster, with immediate and future public health consequences.

For this year's World Health Day campaign, WHO and international partners underscored the importance of investing in health infrastructure that can withstand hazards and serve people in immediate need, and urged writinb facilities to implement systems to respond to internal emergencies, such as fires, and ensure the continuity of care. Urbanization and health[ edit ] With the campaign " cities, lives", events were organized worldwide during the week starting 7 April The global goals of the campaign were: Anti-microbial Resistance[ edit ] The theme of World Health Daymarked on 7 Aprilwas "Antimicrobial resistance and its global spread" and focused on the need for worlf and stakeholders to implement the policies and practices needed to prevent and counter the emergence of highly resistant microorganisms.

When infections caused by resistant microorganisms fail to click here to standard treatments, including antibiotics and other antimicrobial medicines — also known as drug resistance — this may result in prolonged illness and greater risk of death. On World Health DayWHO called for intensified global commitment to safeguard antimicrobial medicines for future generations. The organization introduced a six-point policy package to combat the spread of antimicrobial resistance: Strengthen surveillance and laboratory capacity.

Ensure uninterrupted access to essential medicines of assured quality. Regulate and promote rational use of medicines, including in animal husbandry, and ensure proper patient care; reduce use of antimicrobials in food-producing animals. Enhance infection prevention and control. Foster innovations and research and development for new tools.

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The Cost of Stability By Today there are strong debates and questions about the extraordinary breakthroughs in science such as cloning, in communications esssay the Internet with its never ending pool of knowledge and the never ending movement to censor it, and the increasing level of immersion in entertainment. People facing the 21st century are trying to determine whether these new realities of life will enhance it and bring life as they know it to enw great unprecedented level, or if these new products will contribute and perhaps even cause the destruction of society and life.

To many cloning, censoring, and total immersion entertainment are new, but to those who have read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, the topics are reminiscent of the horror that is found in Huxley's fictional utopian world where the dehumanizing of man is achieved in the interests of "Community, Identity, Stability," the world state's motto. The novel Brave New World shows that in order for a utopian society to achieve a state of stability, a loss of individuality, and the undoing of Mother Nature must occur. Successfully engineering these conditions produces a world where people are finally living "happily ever after," but at a great cost.

The time of Brave New World is in the future on the planet earth and it is, "a pessimistic accounting of the shape a scientifically planned community would take, of its sterility and human emptiness," Nicholls Ten controllers nes the world states determine all aspects of society. Children are born in state hatcheries where according to what social class they will be, they are given or denied certain elements that are critical to proper development.

The citizens are happy and content with their simple lives as it is shown in the novel when a character states, "We don't want to change. Every change is a menace to stability," Huxley Therein lies nes problem. The key ingredient eseay stability that the novel implies is that individuality must be absent. The government in Brave New World understands that fact and in the worlds of one of the ten controllers of the world states, "[there is] no civilization without social stability.

No social stability without individual stability" Huxley The need for stability creates a government which, "believes that stability can be achieved if people think and look the same," Fan 1. Stability, in effect, demands robots, not people. The main element of what makes a person human and unique are the emotions that inhabit their minds, which they can control to some degree. Watts echoes this as he defines man in his biography, Aldous Huxley, "[as] a creature marked by confusion, fear, and deathlessly individual awareness" Emotions are the fuel that drives man to act on a belief braave a dream, to become a better person, to grow and learn and to love.

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Another research paper example including some key parts of the paper. This is an article with a few research paper outline examples. Creating an outline is the first thing you should do before you start working on your. Research paper..

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World Earth Day Information and History World Earth Day is celebrated every year as an annual event by the people all across the world on 22nd of April in order to increase the awareness among people about the environment safety here well as to demonstrate the environmental protection measures. First time, the world earth day was celebrated in the year and then started celebrating annually on global basis by almost countries.

World Earth Day observance was started to celebrate as an annual event to get national support in order to better take care of the environmental safety by solving its issues. Inthere was a peace activist of the San Francisco named John McConnell who actively involved in starting this event and proposed a day to get together for the environmental safety.

John McConnell had chosen this event to be celebrated in the spring equinox on 21st of March in whereas United States Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson had chosen this event to be celebrated on 22nd of April in They had contacted the people to join this event to get together for solving their environmental issues for better future. During the first time celebration of the earth day millions of people shown their interest and participated to understand the motto of the event. Instead of deciding one date for the celebration of the earth day, it has been started celebrating on both of the dates.

Generally, the earth day event celebration starts with the common practice of new trees plantation in the required areas worldwide. For founding the earth day celebration date on 22nd of April, United States Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson was honored later with the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award for his participation in great job. Later, the 22nd of April as an Earth Day was focused globally by the original national coordinator, Denis Hayes in the year among almost nations.

Most of the earth day communities celebrate it for the whole week with the name Earth Week to focus on many environmental issues. In this way, 22nd of April has been marked as the anniversary of the modern environmental movement. Earth Day was established to raise the public awareness for self consciousness, other living organisms, controlling the anti-war protest movement as well as keeping the environmental issues in front of the people.

A big tragedy behind establishing the event of earth day celebration by the founder Gaylord Nelson a U. Senator from Wisconsin was tragedy of the massive oil spill in the Santa Barbara, California in This tragedy led the Gaylord Nelson towards enhancing the public consciousness for click the following article air, water and soil pollution as well as implementing the environmental protection measures.

Why April 22 is celebrated as Earth Day. Our Earth is the only planet in the Universe where life is possible till date. It is very necessary to maintain the natural assets of the earth in order to continue the life on the earth. In the rush of the crowd, the most intelligent creature of the God called human is slowly losing its humanity and forgot to take care of the planet that gave it life and started using its resources very ruthlessly.

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All done because books and loud noises, flowers and electric shocks, after two hundered repetitions of the same or a similar lessons would be wedded This represents a strong, demanding and with a please click for source choice mind set in the World State, because of the this is done at such a young age where the kids do not know any better and disregarding the age, this procedure slciety done in a harsh sense. Altered, cloned, patented these aren't normally ways to describe a human, this shows manipulation of science and power. People are locked in a world that "Alphas can be completely socialized -- but only on condition that you make them do Alpha work.

Only an Epsilon can be expected to make Epsilon sacrifices, for the good reason that for him they aren't sacrifices" Huxley Once again, displaying the isolation within their own social class, as well as showing the lack of hope to change your predestined fate. The story displays "the creation of beings who will not be individuals but will cheerfully belong to each other" Watts At which, this summarizes the lack of freewill available.

At last, because of this determined fate and the absent of other options the World State is presented as a bound, isolated society. Aldous Huxley, within the novel, depicts characters depending read article a substance called soma, which, helps the characters secure their emotions, moods, and actions. And there's always soma to calm your anger, to reconclie you to your enemies, to make you patient and long-suffereing. In the utoopian you could only accomplish these things by making a great effort and after years of hard moral training. Now, you swallow two or three half-gramme tablets, and there you are.

Anybody can be virtuous now. You can carry at least half your morality about in a bottle. Christianity without tears -- that's what soma is" Huxley This passage Mustapha, the most powerful leader in the World State, explains to John, main protagonist and grew up out of Central World State, that soma solved one of humanity's oldest problems, it offers a way to deal with unpleaseant emotions that lead to inefficiency and conflict. He claims that soma allows everyone to accomplish something that previously took years to attain, while making a connection to religion and soma.

Mustapha describes soma as a toll that allows everyone to be moral, but it can also sociefy seen as a tool that the State uses to keep its citizens from becomming unhappy enough to try to change the society in which they live. Through and through the novel people tend to make a read article comment and say next " there is always soma, delicious soma" Huxley Soma is represented as fixing something that went wrong or something that you didn't want to happen: Soma played none of these unpleasent tricks", a character is showing pain from a incident and simply states that soma doesn't have these affects Huxley People see soma, again, as a healer.

And if anything should go wrong, there's soma" Huxley This last section is referring to if people are unstable and unable to perform than soma is the magic potion to fix all problems, worries, or situations. Source, soma is a substance the World State provides to have a control on the people's state of mind and at which, the people end essay on brave new world utopian society having a fixation with the drug and its remedies.

Perfection is done one more time through control, because if someone has control over a society and establishing order therefore, to a degree, that person would establishing perfection, as displayed in Brave New World. Yes in danger, ladies and gentlemen, this man, who stands before you here Bernard Marxthis Alpha-Plus to whom so much has been given, and from whom, in consequence, so much must be expected, this colleague of yours -- or should I anticipate and say this ex-colleague.

For this reason I propose to dismiss him, socieyt dismiss him with ignominy from the post he has held in this Centre, I propose forthwith to apply for his transference to a Sub-Centre of the lowest order and, that his punishment may service the best interest of Society, socjety far as possible removed from any important Centre of population How could a perfect society be established with someone fighting against it. To be perfect is to be without a defect and if you lived in a State in which, "People are happy, they get what they want, and they never want what they can't get", then utopiah is made through happiness or fulfillment Huxley There as, if everyone is satisfied then no conflicts will be made and societty conflicts there is no struggles and with no struggles perfection is retrived.

The sense of freedom was small because "each person is incapable of expressing opinions or judgments of his own since these are, in theoary and indeed usually in practice, non-existent" Watts The control the government has had on man kind through life created so much of a hold on all of society.

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Travel and Tourism Speech Speech on Travel and Tourism We have provided below variety of speech on travel and tourism in India for the students under various words limit according to their need and requirement. All the travel and tourism speech are written using very easy words in simple sentences especially for the students. They can select any speech given below according to their class. Using such speeches, they can easily participate in the speech recitation program at any event celebration in their school without hesitation. Travel and Tourism Speech 1 Good morning to the excellencies, respected Principle sir, vice-principle sir, teachers, madams, and my dear friends.

At this occasion, I would like to speech on the topic of travel and tourism in Touirsm. As we all know that our country is one of the oldest countries of the world. It is full of attractive historical places, heritage sites, charming tourism places including mysterious places in various Indian cities which make India famous for travel and tourism all over the world. People from all across the world come to see beautiful places in India and love to travel here. They go back to their country and write stories in their own words about the historical tiurism of India.

They praise about Indian heritage sites in their own country and enhance tourism to India. From the architectural and cultural point of view, India is one of the most famous countries all over the world. Here is the variety in clothing, food, culture, tradition, language, living status, etc because of the presence of many religions all over the rourism.

So, people become more interested to travel India more than once in their life time. India is the right place for the historical and peaceful scenery visits. India is most populated and and multicultural country however famous for unity in diversity. India is the country having well developed cities, heritages, monuments, and other sight seeings such as Taj Mahal, Great Indian Himalayas, Bengal Tiger, etc which are considered as the icons of India tourism.

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All the fetal conditioning, hypnopaedic training, and the power of convention molds each individual into an interchangeable part in the society, valuable only for the purpose of making the whole run smoothly. In such a world, uniqueness is uselessness and uniformity is bliss, because social stability is everything. In the first chapter, the D. Bokanovsky's Process, which arrests normal human development while promoting the production of dozens of identical eggs, deliberately deprives human beings of their unique, individual natures and so makes overt processes for controlling them unnecessary.

The uniformity of the Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons is accomplished by careful poisoning with alcohol and produces — in Huxley's word — "sub-human" people, capable of work but not of independent thought. For these lower-caste men and women, individuality is literally impossible. As a result, built on a large foundation of identical, easily manipulated people, the society thrives. This inability is a kind of tragic flaw in Bernard.

Even love — acknowledging and cherishing another's unique identity — represents a threat to stability founded on uniformity. The dystopia's alternative — recreational sex — is deliberately designed to blur the distinctions among lovers and between emotions and urges, finding its social and ritual expression in "Orgy-Porgy.

At the Solidarity Service, Bernard finds the exercise degrading, just as anyone clinging to any idealism about sex would be revolted. John's sensitive feelings about love suffer even from the representation of such an orgy at the feelies. Significantly, it is the morning after his own experience of "orgy-porgy" that John commits suicide. His most private, cherished sense of love and of self, he feels, has been violated. In Huxley's dystopia, the drug soma also serves to keep individuals from experiencing the stressful negative effects of conflicts that the society cannot prevent.

Pain and stress — grief, humiliation, disappointment — representing uniquely individual reactions to conflict still occur sometimes in the brave new world. The people of the brave new world "solve" their conflict problems by worlx a few tablets or taking an extended soma-holiday, which removes or sufficiently masks the negative feelings and emotions that other, more creative, problem-solving techniques might have and which cuts off essau possibility of action that might have socially disruptive or revolutionary results.

The society, therefore, encourages everyone to take soma as a means of social control by eliminating the affects of conflict. John's plea to the Deltas to throw away their soma, then, constitutes a cry for rebellion that goes esay. Soma-tized people do not know their own degradation. They are not even fully conscious that they are individuals. Both Bernard and John struggle against the society's constant efforts to undermine their individuality, but one character reveals a deeper understanding of the stakes than the other.

Bernard rails loudly about the inhumanity of the system. His outrage stems from the injustices he suffers personally, but he apparently ob unwilling or unable to fathom a debate or course of action against the malady because he is an Alpha Plus upon whom the process has been at least partially successful.

Once Bernard receives the sexual and social attention he believes is his due, his complaints continue merely as a show of daring and bravado.