Argumentative essay on brave new world


The wirld lives a fulfilled life and then they die. That alone is a task that the hundreds of gods in our world still have not been able to accomplish.

Argumentative essay on brave new world

In a utopian civilization, the people are isolated from argumentayive another, divided into five different classes. The members of each class are braev according to their mental capacity and physical appearance. It seems unfair that even before you are born, your future is already written out for you. However upon further study, one will realize that this sort of precaution is necessary.

In our world, one has to face racism and stereotypes because people feel threatened by what is different. This conditioning is how the utopian society eliminated the problem. First of all, each class is conditioned to love their ranking and to realize that everyone is important and is indispensable to the society. The important thing here is that the lower classes are not jealous of the superior classes but even believe that their work is too tiring argumenyative them.

The mental inferiority is very important for the survival of the utopian society.

If the lower classes got too smart they would want to move up in life and that would ruin the stability of the society. Another precaution taken to prevent chaos to the society is the restraint of history, culture and art to the utopian civilization. According to our views, these things are unquestionably important and we would go as far as saying that we could not live without them. Article source for these people, they are insignificant.

The work was targeted at people in a post WWI world. Significantly, it brace the morning after his own experience of "orgy-porgy" that John commits suicide. Underline titles of novels. With an idea of a higher being and consequently an idea of a more important aspect of life than just remaining stable would be detrimental to the utopian world. The importance of the individual is zero. In the utopian society, everyone belongs to everyone else. Flawed, misguided, John nevertheless dares to claim his right to be an individual. As here of their hypnopaedic quotes says, "they used to drink enormous quantities of alcohol" Huxley,

Education to us leads to knowledge and for us knowledge is power and power runs the world. However for them there is no need for argumentative essay on brave new world because they do not need power. Power will essat get them any farther in life then what is already written out for them.

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The only kind of books in Brave New World accessible to the public are reference books. Books with opinions and emotions are non-existent. This discretion is needed because those types of books could challenge the hypnopaedic propaganda served to the argumentative essay on brave new world. The hypnopaedia was given for a reason; it is the tool used to stabilize the society. If stability is threatened so will be the utopian world. Of course some will say that they will miss their families and relationships and most of all, love. But the neew argumentative essay on brave new world Utopia have never experienced any of these.

They were brought up in conditioning centers and feel that parents and family are primitive.

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The mere sound of the word annoys them. But then most historical facts are unpleasant" Huxley, In our world, parents pass on to their children their own values ned principles. What they may become as a result of their upbringing could be doctors, lawyers, accountants, robbers, rapists and murderers.

In the utopian society everyone is click and conditioned the same way abolishing the bad apples in society. Monogamy is discouraged by the utopian society and considered improper "Four months of Henry Foster, without having another man why, he'd be furious if he knew This restrains peoples from getting too emotionally involved and putting their loved one's needs before the society's needs.

Although John, like Bernard, suffers from the oppression of the World State, John is able to frame his objections philosophically and debate the issue face to face with World Controller Mustapha Mond because, although John is genetically an Alpha Plus, he has not undergone the conditioning necessary to conform. But then most historical facts are unpleasant" Huxley, Successfully engineering these conditions produces a world where people are finally living "happily ever after," but at a great cost. What does it argumentative essay on brave new world about the contemporary world he lived in and what he thought of the future? The Brave New World summed up its society with its "argumentative essay on brave new world" Community, Identity, Stability, which explains the clone-like features of each class and the togetherness of the society, and the 'freedom' each individual has most choose not to partake in individual freedoms because he is content with what he has. Even love — acknowledging and cherishing another's unique identity — represents a threat to stability founded on uniformity. Monogamy is discouraged by the utopian society and considered improper "Four months of Henry Foster, without having another man why, he'd be furious if he knew

In the utopian society, everyone belongs to everyone else. One might easily point out that these precautions are too extreme. But one thing that argumentative essay on brave new world be ignored is that essayy Brave New World there is no war, no diseases and no old age.

For people in our world that would be utopia.

Argumentative essay on brave new world

In the utopian society "you're so conditioned that you can't help doing what you ought to do" Huxley, Thanks to the conditioning, nobody even considers fighting. And if ever anyone gets angry or depressed, there is always soma. In our society some would consider soma as an evil drug and therefore should not be used — but this argument is very shallow.

As one of their hypnopaedic quotes says, "they used to drink enormous quantities of alcohol" Huxley, Soma offers the tremendous advantage that it has no side-effects. There are only three characters in the Brave New World that do no like their lifestyle. Bernard Marx is an alpha-plus and therefore should be living the "good life. Bernard criticizes the utopian civilization until he discovers John om Savage in the savage reservation and introduces him to society. Bernard then becomes somewhat of a celebrity and quite popular among the ladies.

At that point, Bernard is always bragging about how many girls he has slept with and stops his more info about the utopian life. All this argumentativs that if someone argumeentative made that mistake, Bernard would argumentative essay on brave new world have become an outcast, women would have argumntative him and he would have liked this world. Helmholtz Watson also does not like nw utopian civilization — his problem is that they let him get too smart.

That led him to want a better life, a dream he felt was unobtainable in Utopia. Once again, ndw his conditioning had been done right and his intelligence had been controlled, he would not have had a problem with his argumentative essay on brave new world. Finally, the third unhappy character in Utopia is John, known btave the savage.

As a matter of fact, he should not argumentative essay on brave new world be considered as an agrumentative civilian because he was not raised in the utopian civilization but in the argumentative essay on brave new world reservation. He does not like it because he was not conditioned to be happy with who he is.

Argumentative essay on brave new world

In the savage reservation, he learned about an old god, religion and freedom, all things that are not taught in Utopia. His values are different from a utopian's. John beats himself with a rope to get a good harvest, hardly a great advancement over utopian values and beliefs. Every society in our world is very different and each attempts to find meaning and happiness in a completely unique way.

In Brave New World Revisited, a series of essays on topics suggested by the novel, Huxley emphasizes argumentativs necessity of resisting the power of tyranny by keeping one's mind active and free. Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business, "Although everyone can have sexual relationships with just about everyone else, no emotional feelings can be involved" 3. It is explained that unlike in the Reservation, the people living in the Brave New World are not allowed to become old. In addition to the entertainment created by the government, there is a powerful drug called soma. Watts echoes this as he defines man in his biography, Aldous Huxley, "[as] a creature marked by confusion, fear, and deathlessly individual awareness" Having the opportunity of satisfying its basic needs society consolidated one of the most essential dogmas of the World State:

Perhaps a society like Utopia would be better than some societies that currently exist. At least in Utopia, leaders attempt to create conditions for the people to be happy while today many government leaders have no interest in the welfare and happiness of the population. Utopia is a world where one can not help but be happy, a world that has improved upon current religions, and a world that eliminated racism and essxy.

It is a world where wworld only possess knowledge you need, where everyone has the same values and principals. Utopia is a world with no war, no disease and no old age. Mustapha Mond best expressed the theme of Utopia when he said, "the key to happiness is enjoying who essy are and what you do" Huxley page. Underline titles of novels.

You need a detailed thesis statement, in which you list all of the points that you plan to discuss within your paper. I would suggest the following: While many believe that the government controlled word, religion, the strict class system, the restraint of history, culture, the arts and books, and the obsolete need for parents and love are contradictory to Utopia, these aspects of society are actually conducive to Utopia. It is understood that the numbers please click for source page numbers.

However, you should always give the page number for every quote. You do have a well organized paper that is thoroughly argued, well done.


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