Toilet flush a lot of toilet paper


Some people use their toilets properly, while others use it is an additional trashcan.

Although it might be nice to toilet flush a lot of toilet paper a trashcan that instantly disposes of its trash and odor, your toilet and septic system are not designed toilet flush a lot of toilet paper handle anything other than toilet paper. Why You Should Maintain Your Plumbing and Septic System If you have a septic tank, paying attention to what goes down the toilet is especially important.

You do not want to wait until there is raw sewage on your property to empty your tank.

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Like most things, your septic tank requires maintenance. Give us a call to discuss how often you should desludge or pump your septic tank about every years. Not only are there detrimental environmental effects, but also human and economic ones as well. Wet wipes in particular have been causing a real problem for septic systems around the world.

Removing things like wet wipes is a nasty task and costs cities millions of dollarswhich translates to larger water and sewage bills for everyone. Luckily, most plumbing problems can be easily avoided with some knowledge and preventative maintenance.

  • Other lucky souls have reported that liquid hand soap or shampoo have done the trick nicely, too.
  • A similar scenario is likely to happen in the dairy, meat or cereal aisle.
  • However, the pipes get coated in grease and waste over time, and the edges may get rougher.

Make friends with your local plumber and schedule plumbing maintenance every year to check all plumbing connections, drain your water heater of sediment, click catch issues before they turn into costly problems. Cotton balls, Q-tips, and cotton rounds will clump together in your pipes and cause a clog. Paper Towels Paper towels are tough and not made to dissolve in water.

Some are even strong enough to hold a bowling ball, if you remember the commercial. Even the biodegradable kinds are not meant to be flushed, so throw all paper towels in the trash, not the toilet. Dental Click No dental floss is meant to dissolve in water, so it will end up getting stuck and tangled in pipes and sewage systems, snagging other things like fats, oils, paper towels, wipes, and other material.

  • I have rodded the drain with a toilet unblocker, with the twisted tooth bit on the end, and that clears it, but it as soon as more toilet paper goes down it clogs again.
  • Sounds like I'm going to have to take it a part!
  • Make sure water can get through when flushed.

Any other stringy material has the same propensity to cause clogs. Facial Tissue Like paper towels, tissues are made to be much stronger than toilet paper. Toilet paper is a specially designed product made of shortened fibers to speed up the process of disintegration.

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We understand their appeal, but just like tissues and paper towels, remember to throw these in the trash. Band-Aids Band-Aids contain plastic which is not biodegradable.

I bought Charmin Ultra Soft which looked like a standard premium toilet paper. All because of my never ending plumbing problems. Work the business end of the auger into the drain hole, with the bend in the handle pole pointed toward the drain route. If your toilet is clogged though, it's probably the roll. A closet auger, or toilet auger, works just like a standard drain snake but is specially designed to toilet flush a lot of toilet paper the sharp turns of a toilet trap without damaging the bowl which standard snakes can do. The truth is that while source have been doing a better job with promoting extra strong and soft toilet paper benefits, the toilet flush a lot of toilet paper benefits that are a plus to you may be a minus to your pipes and sewer system. The end result is a softball-like wad of unruly and un-dissolvable material. The rubber flapper is designed to release water when the toilet is flushed and then close the water intake hole afterward so that the proper amount of water remains in the tank.

Throw these in the trash, where they belong. Diapers Diapers are thick and can expand and cause pipe clogs, usually in the U-bend. Even the biodegradable kinds will tell you not to flush them. Do toilet flush a lot of toilet paper responsible thing and throw papre diapers and wet wipes in the trash.

Pills Any drugs, including pills, should never be flushed down the toilet.

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Sewage systems have complicated biological processes to break down waste and medications can interfere with that. Most medications cannot be removed from the water, so they end up in our lakes, oceans, rivers, and ponds. Although some litter brands may toilet flush a lot of toilet paper themselves as flushable, others can expand to 15 times their normal size and clog your pipes.

Toilet flush a lot of toilet paper

Additionally, cat feces contain a parasite call toxoplasma gondii, which cannot be broken down by sewage systems and can enter the oceans and cause harm to wildlife. This goes for all pet excrement.

This toilet paper would not cause your pipes to clog. You should be pushing water into the toilet. To keep your internal pipes and your toilet healthy and clog-free, stick to flushing human waste and toilet paper not too much! We can help you address the problem and discuss your options, including replacing the toilet fkush. And do NOT buy the wrong one. Turn off the water and drain the tank before swapping the old flapper out for the new one, then try flushing to the toilet again to ensure the problem is resolved. Toiletslike all plumbing drains, work by the force of gravity.

Although there is no perfect way of getting rid of litter, we recommend scooping it into biodegradable baggies and throwing them in the trash. Like the other cotton items on our list, tampons will expand and cause clogs.

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