Reaction paper on love is a fallacy


It was very funny that the girl was already as clever as the guy in the end. Well,that story implied falalcy patience is truly a virtue. I really appreciate the guy because of his patience that he showed to the girl. Though there is a time that he wanted to give up, but still, he continue teaching Polly Espy to make her his perfect wife to be and he really did a great job but he never win a date with Polly because he is already with Petey Bellows just because he had a racoon coat?

What is with the racoon roat that made Polly Espy to date with Petey Bellows?

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It was also very funny that Polly chose Petey,who was very dumb than the Mr. Intelligent guy who is,obviously, intelligent. In the story, the fallacies were defined and explained well.

REBUTTAL: 5 John Oliver Coal Fallacies

The story was really well organized. If you can read it, you will surely understand it well. You can really identify or define the characters in the way they are shown in the story. I really feel sad for Mr.

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Intelligent who is really so patient in teaching those Fallacies to Polly Espy but he did not win her. He had a hard click teaching Polly Espy those fallacies but he did get the best return from Polly which is her.

  • I like the story because it really shows,discusses or describes what the importance of love is in a simple way.
  • I really feel sad for Mr.
  • I told myself that the gut really took the risk of teachng the girl.

He also did something wrong because he was confident that Petey will choose the racoon coat because of his being stupid. In the end, Mr.

Intelligent realizes that he made a mistake. But well, his mistake has done good to others. He made Poly Espy intelligent lvoe him. I was also amazed by the intelligence of Mr. And as you read these descriptions, we can really see that he is really an intelligent one.

The narrator had nothing much to say but to compare his self from Petey. But the guy was for me also kind of idiot. They do not think of things that are more important. It touched the different lives of people facing the same struggles and situations. The smart student starts teaching Polly in logic. The guy also has this saying that it is, after all, easier to make a beautiful dumb girl smart than to pxper an ugly smart girl beautiful. And just because Petey Bellows has a raccoon coat does not mean that he is so cool and perfect for the girl but is he really perfect for the girl? In the story, the fallacies were defined and explained well.

Things to be used in reasoning out during court trials. Petey Bellows, for me however, really loves Polly. He wants a raccoon coat reaction paper on love is a fallacy he wants to be with Polly. I think, he already knows about Polly's interests- Big Men in the university so he decided to choose the raccoon coat instead of Polly at the first place because he already knew that time. He didn't know that Petey is somewhat wise.

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He used his brain well this time even though s was described in the story as dumb as an ok a nice enough reactiln, you understand, but loe upstairs, Emotional type, Unstable, Impressionable, Worst of all, a faddist. He is an oppisite person from Mr. In this story, we can get so may thing.

Reaction paper on love is a fallacy

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