Make a masquerade mask out of paper


Safety Tips Small craft materials such as rhinestones and sequins are choking hazards. These are not suitable for children below the age of three. Watch out for this make a masquerade mask out of paper. It means adult help is needed for the particular step. Choose from any of these Masquerade Mask templates and print it make a masquerade mask out of paper on Letter size or A4 card stock. Notice that the mask templates are quite plain. This is to give you more room for modifying or drawing additional detail on the mask.

  • This fiery dragon-inspired mask was achieved by gluing on various-shaped sequins along the edges of the mask.
  • Find some strong tape to make an outer binding.
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Cut out the mask, including the eye holes. If you are planning to make a two-toned mask or a multi-colored mask, it will be helpful to sketch the design on your mask. This will make painting or coloring a lot easier. Paint or color your mask. Here are some tips and options: Two-toned or make a masquerade mask out of paper masks are great for making bright and festive masks. Metallic colors like gold and silver are commonly maequerade for masquerade masks but ordinary colors are great too.

Make a masquerade mask out of paper

You need not necessarily use many colors for your mask. Sometimes a single color or even an unpainted mask can be a good option since more decorations can be added in the succeeding steps.

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To prevent your mask from curling at the edges, you can do the following: Instead of painting, you can color your mask with crayons or oil pastels. Add more sparkle to your mask with glitter glue. For large areas, you may squeeze on a glob of glitter glue and spread it make a masquerade mask out of paper a brush bottom photo.

Note that you can also achieve the same effect by either sprinkling glitter directly onto wet paint or brushing glue onto the mask then sprinkling over with glitter.

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However both these options oftentimes result in a lot of stray glitter which can irritate your eyes. For safety reasons, glitter glue is a better option. Glue on decorative materials such as sequins, rhinestones, gem-style stickers and plastic gems.

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Here are some examples: This fiery dragon-inspired mask was achieved by gluing on various-shaped sequins along the edges of the mask. You may also make these dots by applying undiluted poster or acrylic paint using a cotton swab or the wooden tip of a paint brush.

These are also the perfect craft projects to tackle this weekend. Maxk the bottom half area again, leaving more unpainted areas exposed. Sand wood Sanding is an important step when preparing make a masquerade mask out of paper for painting or staining. These masks from Handmade Charlotte are perfect for creating as last-minute costume options! For a sturdier mask, use cardstock. If you're good with makeup, then you can try to freehand your mask.

A few rhinestones and a fabric star were added as accents. A colorful mask, especially when brushed over with glitter glue, does not need a lot of embellishment. Obtain a dowel or chopstick to use as the handle for your mask. You may keep the handle plain or decorate it by painting it, winding a fabric ribbon around it, or covering the make a masquerade mask out of paper stick in aluminum foil.

Glue the handle at the back of the mask. Papeg may glue the handle's tip in the middle or along one edge of the mask. For a quicker drying time, use click the following article gun instead of white glue.

Complete your mask by gluing on some feathers, curly ribbonscrepe paper strips, pipe cleaner and other materials to accent the handle or sides of your mask. These decorations that sprout up or trail mzsk from the mask highlights most masquerade and Mardi Gras masks. Let the glue dry thoroughly before wearing your mask.

Hold it by the handle in front of your face make a masquerade mask out of paper a fabulous Halloween or Mardi Gras disguise. More Ideas For a longer lasting mask, you may trace the mask template onto craft foam or felt sheet. Cut out and decorate the craft foam mask following the steps above.

DIY: Masquerade Mask (from scratch)

Instead of feathers, you can use strips of fabric or colorful paper. In this mask, I even used aluminum foil! The trailing material along the sides are curled fabric ribbons. Combine any two mask templates to come up with a unique effect.

Make a masquerade mask out of paper

This butterfly mask was adorned with crepe papers strips trailing along the sides. The antennae was made from pipe cleaner bent into a "V" shape and curled at the ends.

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These large butterfly templates are ready-to-color and can also be used to make paper butterfly masks. Color and cut out the template before cutting out a pair of eyeholes and gluing on a craft stick at the back. Crafts You Might Like.


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