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A Guide For Students Knowing how to write a good research paper begins with having an understanding of what qualities a great paper has. Here are a few simple guidelines resesrch you should follow to ensure you write a high quality paper. Choose the Right Size Topic One mistake that students commonly make is choosing a topic that is either too wide or too narrow.

If your topic is too broad, then you will end up conducting more research than you need to and your final paper may go over the recommended project guidelines. If your topic is too narrow, you will not be able to meet the requirements. This is why conducting preliminary research is critical during the stage where you choose your topic.

Clearly State Your Thesis Another key part of a strong paper is proper placement of the thesis. In most cases, you will place your thesis at the end of the first paragraph and restate it at the beginning of the concluding paragraph. All of the information in between should support these statements. These details will be found in the body of your paper and they should all support your thesis.

You should have supporting facts, followed by more specific chafacteristics that further support your ideas. Having the right support is essential to writing a vood paper. Clearly Organize Your Research Paper Organization is key if you expect your reader to follow your thought processes. This is especially important if you are writing about a difficult topic. One way that you can work to organize your thoughts is by writing an outline or organizing your facts using note cards.

Place related information in the same paragraph. Additionally, be sure that your topic sentence of each paragraph properly introduces the type of information that is going to be discussed. Follow Formatting Guidelines The final thing you need to do to write a good research paper is properly format the document. You can do this by following the guidelines preferred by your teacher.

If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask. Some of the guidelines you can bood include formatting for citations and the reference section, writing in a specific tone, formatting for the paper itself, and more..

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Accueil beIn Sports free of charge college articles, term paper help, and essay assistance essays and term written documents fashion for college students web based A conspicuous offer that you chooses from a wide open atlas could possibly be the jigsaw in good shape of that continental margins. InAlfred Wegener arrived at a real bottom line. Scientists, Immediately and geologists concur essay principle is the reason for the development of quite a lot of continental highlights.

So, this pieces of paper talks about history and growth of the Continental Drift Concept and in addition the influence it offers suffered from on scientists information about the circulation among the Earths lithosphere According to Alfred Wegener, the world used to be composed of type good sized crust encompassed by liquid.

Through the entire Carboniferous phase, this crust essay paper help quite a lot in order to create the present 8 continents. Additionally, Wegener was without any verification to assist this demand. In the future, he directed a survey from the Brazilian coastline additionally the shores of West Africa. Wegener unveiled the fossils found on these areas were definitily same and out dated returning to the same time frame.

He revealed comparable situations in Madagascar and India. Besides this paleontological verification, more deeply research established that continental glaciations left behind identical rock and roll strata off of the coasts of Western side Africa and northeast shoreline of Brazil Frankel, He asserted that the main reason for the continental drift was the below the ground convectional currents. Holmes points out that under the lithosphere can be a solid covering of molten component.

As it is into a solution state, the product goes up although the frigid and packed parts descend. This location, as a result, versions convection currents. In their point of view, the one attainable legitimate reason was the convection currents dragged or moved plates for and removed from the other respectively.

Analysts have gathered from these concepts in order to provide reasons for designated body highlights. For example, for quite a while people were confused through the ongoing transfer of your magnetic to the north pole Frankel, When you are initially they thought it was a consequence of the rotation of this planet, they eventually get to determine a drift to the plate brought on the modification. Unique continental functions and limitations also progressed due to drifting among the continents.

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Good paper title, and I would ask them to write a title that. Because the title is likely the first exposure of your paper to onlnie the paper to communicate to the audience; a good title is capable of Attention commanding Not all research projects can produce an attention-commanding title. Scientific research articles provide a method for scientists to communicate with Make your title specific enough to describe the contents of the paper, but not so.

Papers in the Biological Sciences, Bedford Books, Boston..

Write a paper on community health

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Received Oct 30; Accepted Apr article source. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Background Systematic ethics support in community health services in Norway is in the initial phase. There are few evaluation studies about the significance of ethics reflection on care. The aim of this study was to evaluate systematic ethics reflection in groups in community health including nursing homes and residency- from the perspectives of employees participating in the groups, the group facilitators and the service managers.

The reflection groups were implemented as part of a research and development project. Methods A mixed-methods design with qualitative focus group interviews, observations and written reports were used to evaluate. The study was conducted at two nursing homes, two home care districts and a residence for people with learning disabilities. Participants were employees, facilitators and service managers. The study was guided by ethical standard principles and was approved by the Norwegian Social Science Data Services. Results We found support for ethics reflection as a valuable measure to strengthen clinical practice.

New and improved solutions, more cooperation between employees, and improved collaboration with patients and their families are some of the results. No negative experiences were found. Instead, the ethics reflection based on experiences and challenges in the workplace, was described as a win-win situation. The evaluation also revealed what is needed to succeed and useful tips for further development of ethics support in community health services. Resources needed to succeed were managerial support, and anchoring ethics sessions in the routine of daily work.

Ethics reflection, Community health services, Evaluation Background There is extensive evidence that employees in health care services, both in hospitals, nursing homes, and home care services, frequently struggle with ethical challenges [ 1 - 8 ]. Although ethics support in hospitals is relatively well developed, both nationally and internationally [ 9 - 15 ], the development of ethics support seems to be sparser in community health services [ 1516 ]. However, there is a need for ethics support in community health also [ 8 ]. Previous research indicates that ethics support in community health services should be closely tailored to the workplace, facilitated by a colleague [ 1 ] and concerned with the everyday ethical challenges employees experience [ 117 ].

However, there are few evaluation studies about the impact of ethics support in community health [ 18 ]. Recent research indicates that systematic ethics reflection is seen as a positive learning process among those participating [ 19 ]. Learning to reflect on the ethical challenges the employees face in their everyday work, and experiencing the benefits of it, such as relief of moral distress, are described as key reasons and motivations for implementing ethics reflection in clinical practice [ 2021 ].

Guide to publishing a scientific paper

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Print The field of research requires persistence and most researchers devote many a sleepless night towards conducting research and documenting results. In the competitive world of academia, you are expected to start publishing early in your career, and many early-career researchers are faced with the looming worry of how to publish a journal article. Although original research sometimes takes years to complete, it does not mean you cannot have any publications to your credit till the time you complete your research.

It is important to have a clear idea about the different types of articles that you can publish in journals. This will help you understand the ways in which you can disseminate your work and identify what kind of article would be suitable for your study. The types of publications are different in different fields. For instance, a clinical trial is possible only in the field of medicine, while an empirical study is more common in the field of social sciences. It is important to remember that not all journals publish every kind of article.

Therefore, most journal publishers provide prospective authors with accurate and specific guidelines for the different articles they publish. If you have a target journal in mind, you should check guide to publishing a scientific paper it publishes the kind of manuscript you are planning to write. Some of the possible types of scientific publications are: These are detailed studies reporting original research and are classified as primary literature.

They include hypothesis, background study, methods, results, interpretation of findings, and a discussion of possible implications. Original research articles are long, with the word limit ranging from to ,2,3 and can even go up to words for some journals. Review articles give an overview of existing literature in a field, often identifying specific problems or issues and analysing information from available published work on the topic with a balanced perspective.

Review articles can be of three types, broadly speaking: Review articles are usually long, with the maximum word limit being or even more, depending on the journal. Clinical case studies present the details of real patient cases from medical or clinical practice. The cases presented are usually those that contribute significantly to the existing knowledge on the field. The study is expected to discuss the signs, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of a disease.

Clinical case studies require a lot of practical experience and may not be a suitable publication format for early career researchers. Once again, specific to the field of medicine, clinical trials describe the methodology, implementation, and results of controlled studies, usually undertaken with large patient groups.

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Sample Research Papers Linux is a free operating system which was created by an college student for a project for school. He combined a collection of free software and shareware that he downloaded from the Internet, to make an operating system. Linux is unique in that it is pay to get a paper written windows copy righted but is copy left. This feature wwritten very well be the key that will eventually make Linux the most desirable operating system on the market.

Many computer users feel that Windows will never be removed from the position that it has gained in the market. Windows was the first major operating system that used a graphical user interface. It did away with the task of remembering a list of Dos commands to accomplish normal computer activities. With Windows, a user simply has to click on an icon to accomplish a task. Without Windows, personal computers ho probably not be as popular as they are today. Linux has several major advantages over Windows. The biggest advantage is probably the cost. Application software for Linux is also a lot cheaper then Windows software.

There are many Linux user groups that work on developing and testing applications, and making them available for the public. Windows software is mainly developed by large corporations that must make a big profit off their software in order to fulfill their large payrolls. Another major advantage of Linux is the technical support.

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